Our Story

In Our Experience Of around 10 years in Financial Services Industry , No service offered from client point of view by any corporate .Reasons are Many. A Root Cause Analysis on this revealed certain Interesting facts such as , Lack of Business Ethics, Lack of product knowledge, Poor training Quality .

Being Individual and Entrepreneur I am More Flexible To Take Right Decision and Choose Rite product for Client According to Risk Apetite. For eg: We never Suggest Investing in NFO of MF (or) IPO of Stock ,Reson being Simply We treat NFO/IPO as Face Less Things. Performance can only be Tracked and Understood after certain period of time. We follow This by Default for All our Clients.

Our Business Values are Based on the concept of “UTMOST GOOD FAITH”

Our Approach

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

We walked a Mile more in search of finding a solution, Finally, we Found Something That solves Problems of Wealth Management/Financial Planning.

we have a solution for all these problems based on Concepts of “ARTHASHASTRA” & “APPROPRIATE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT” A spiritual  Management Concept Imbibed from Bhagawadgita.

Founded Ethicaladvising for Serving a Large Section of people who cannot afford Financial Planning, Wealth Management services due to its high pricing.

We work on 100% Ethical Lines, we Do not Charge For anything Except for our Customized Training Programs.  This speaks of our Business Ethics.

We Believe In “ETHICS FIRST, CLIENT NEXT” Approach and Following Whole Heartedly since Inception.


Srinivas Chakravarthula, an MBA with Globally Recognized Financial certifications like CWM®, CFP, And Insurance specific Domain certification FIII, A compliance Certification IRCC(icsi+iii) Jointly offered by Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Insurance Institute Of India.  Aligned with Indian Regulatory and concepts of Financial Markets with the help of NCFM Level-5 and NISM.A BFSI trainer, Content Developer, with 12+years of Experience.

I am an entrepreneur who has mastered the intersection of Product Creation, technology and marketing. 


Founder & Chief Strategist